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De-suung Headquarters, Metog Lam, Thimphu

Toll free: 1411

Vacancy Announcement

Vacancy announcement

The HR Section, De-suung Headquarters is pleased to announce 1 vacancy for De-suups as part of the Media Team at the De-suung Headquarters, Thimphu.
Interested candidates should register through the De-suung APP on 17th September, 2023 at 3:00 PM and submit their relevant documents and CV in the mail given below:

*Please mention which vacancy you are applying for in the Mail Subject.
Full name with DID, CID to also be mentioned in your mail.

The vacancy is strictly for UNEMPLOYED De-suups and preference will be given to those with relevant qualification/experience.
ONLY shortlisted candidates will be called for interview/aptitude test by the Selection Committee.
For any queries, please contact toll free 1411 during office hours.

We are looking for De-suups skilled in:

  1. Content Creation: The ability to create engaging and relevant content, including text, images, and videos.
  2. Social Media Platforms: Proficiency in using various social media platforms and staying updated with their features and trends.
  3. Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills to interact with followers and respond to comments and messages.
  4. Analytics: Understanding of social media analytics to track performance and adjust strategies accordingly.
  5. Graphic Design: Basic graphic design skills for creating visually appealing posts and graphics.
  6. Marketing Knowledge: Familiarity with digital marketing principles to promote products or services effectively.
  7. Branding: Maintaining a consistent brand image and voice across all social media channels.
  8. Time Management: The ability to schedule posts, manage content calendars, and stay organized.
  9. Crisis Management: Handling negative comments or social media crises professionally and effectively.
  10. Adaptability: Staying flexible and adapting to changing algorithms and trends on social media platforms.
  11. Service: Providing excellent stakeholder service and resolving stakeholder inquiries or issues promptly.
  12. Community Building: Building and nurturing a community of engaged followers.
  13. Legal Knowledge: Awareness of copyright, privacy, and other legal considerations in social media content.
  14. Multitasking: Managing multiple social media accounts and campaigns simultaneously.
  15. Problem-Solving: Identifying and addressing challenges that may arise in social media management.
  16. SEO Knowledge: Understanding of search engine optimization to improve discoverability on social platforms.
  17. Storytelling: The ability to craft compelling narratives through social media content.
  18. Networking: Building relationships with influencers and other industry professionals to expand reach.

Disclaimer note: The selection Committee, DHQ reserves the right to deny resignation, withdraw any candidates or recruit immediately as per urgency.