The ultimate objective of nation building is peace and harmony for Bhutan and her people

– His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo



De-suung Headquarters, Metog Lam, Thimphu

Toll free: 1411

Aims and Objectives of De-suung

  • To cultivate the values of amity, allegiance, unity and harmony
  • To encourage all citizenry to be active in the greater role of nation building
  • To provide useful and appropriate skills and knowledge in the field of disaster management
  • To instill a greater sense of community, harmony and cooperation as a group and individual members of society
  • To instill good human traits and values such as discipline, integrity, teamwork, commitment and dedication to work, respect for elders and seniors, sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility
  • To enhance the spirit of Volunteerism and to undertake charitable work