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Harachhu water project completion

The Harachhu water supply project, an initiative under the Desuung National Service Program, was jointly undertaken by Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and Desuung Office. Officially launched on 13th December 2022, this nine-month project was completed on 31st August 2023.
The project will ensure reliable water supply for sturgeon farming. The water sourced from Gerichhu will lead to commercial rearing of sturgeon, notably for breeding and the lucrative ‘caviar’ production.
Throughout the duration of the project, around 93 Desuups were engaged in close collaboration with technical staff of National Research and Development Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries as well as Bhutan Sturgeon Farm. The overall expenditure for the project amounted to Nu. 47.6 million. The source is located approximately 3 km from the farm area which would supply clean and reliable water to rear around 7000 nos. of fish.

The main structures include 1 silt trap, 4 ARV chambers, 3 washout, 3 BT tanks, 1 intake and one distribution tank. Activities like road formation cutting, pipe trenching, HDPE pipe jointing, back filling, formwork, casting and plastering were major activities of the project.
The project was handed over to Department of Livestock on 7th September 2023 in presence of the Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.