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De-suung Headquarters, Metog Lam, Thimphu

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Vacancy Announcement

Vacancy Announcement

De-suung Headquarter announces the following vacancies for all De-suups across the Country.

De-suups can now apply online De-suung APP. The application will remain open from 26 July 2022  till 29 July 2022.

Please visit De-suung APP to register.


The De-suung Head-Quarter is pleased to announce various posts for all our De-suup Nyamros to serve at the DHQ in various capacity’s.

Job Responsibilities Volunteers required Qualification Preferences
Deployment Team 4 HRM/IT  (Masters/Graduate/diploma)
Training Team 4 HRM/IT  (Masters/Graduate/diploma)
De-suung National Service Coordinators 5 Engineers (Masters/Graduate/Diploma)
De-suung Skilling Program Coordinators 6 HRM/IT (Masters/Graduate/diploma)
IT Technicians 8 ICT/IT  (/Masters/Graduate/Diploma in IT)
Store Unit 4 HRM/Logistics (Graduate)
Finance Section 3 Accounts/ Economics (Masters/Graduate)
Security 8 Class 10 pass and above
Call centre Services 16 IT/Counselling (Masters/Graduate)
Security (store) 8 Class 10 pass and above
HR Section 2 HRM (Masters/Graduate)
Procurement Section 4 Finance/Procurement (Masters/Graduate)
Receptionist 2 Class 10 pass and above
Drivers 4 PD /License holder with more 4 years experience
MTO Unit 1 HR/MTO (Masters/Graduate/diploma
NADPM Coordinators 1 HRM/IT (Masters/Graduate/diploma)
MFTP Coordinators 1 HRM/IT (Masters/Graduate/diploma)
Disaster (Fire Responder) 1 Disaster response certificate holder
Messenger 1 Class 10 pass and above
Service Pin Auditing Team 4 Finance/IT (Masters/Graduate/Diploma)

*Please note the Qualification preferences may change according to availability of candidates.

The vacancies are strictly for UNEMPLOYED De-suups.

Selection procedure

  1. All interested and eligible De-suups should register for the vacancies through the De-suung APP
  2. Announcement will open from 26 July 2022 till 29 July 2022
  3. The tenure for the various post will be for 6 months.
  4. Registered De-suups will have to submit the required documents to the HR team latest by     29 July 2022 by 4.00 pm. Please submit your documents to HR,DHQ at

 Please call 77421904 for any queries and clarification.  

  1. Documents required: Documents required Remarks
1 Educational Certificate Highest achieved -submit soft copy to mentioned email.
2 Security Clearance Valid for 1 year from the day of submitting the documents.
3 De-suung Certificate/sports/Other achievement certificates Submit soft copy to mention email


  1. Verification of the documents will be carried out by HR Team and report to Selection committee.
  2. Shortlisted De-suups will be called to DHQ for interview.

Please note:

  1. Interested De-suup can apply for only one position. In case of duplication of registration he/she will be rejected.
  2. The tenure for new recruits will start from 10 November 2022.
  3. Selected De-suups in the applied position will have to be attached with the those serving at DHQ.
  4. The documents should be submitted to HR latest by 5.00 pm on 29 July 2022. Incomplete documentation  will result in rejection of candidature.
  5. Those who register and do not turn up for interview will be blocked from sitting for any interview in the future with DHQ.