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Selected list for 5th batch SRC training in CDO Shaba

The Training Department, De-suung Headquarters is pleased to announce selected De-suups for 5th Batch Specialized Refresher Course to be held in CDO Shaba Training Centre which will commence from 12th May 2021 to 27th May, 2021.

List of Selected De-suups


Sl.#Dzongkhag Report dateReporting timeReport at Focal Person
1Dagana12.05.202112:00 noon RSTA Parking,Wangdue PhodrangDzongkhag Coordinator
3Punakha12.05.202112:00 noonRSTA Parking,Wangdue PhodrangDzongkhag Coordinator
4Wangdue Phodrang12.05.202112:00 noonRSTA Parking,Wangdue PhodrangDzongkhag Coordinator
5Haa12.05.20213:00 PMReport at Commando Wing, Shaba 
6Paro12.05.20213:00 PMReport at Commando Wing, Shaba 
8Thimphu12.05.20211:00 PMChanglimithang, ThimphuDe-suung Head Quarters
9Chukha12.05.20211:00 PMChanglimithang, ThimphuDe-suung Head Quarters

Please click the link for coordinators number


  1. Medical and drug tests will be conducted at the training center.  De-suups found unfit will be disqualified.
  2. One-month mandatory attachment is required upon completion of the training.
  3. SRC De-suups have to take part in the annual refresher course.
  4. Must provide one-month Deployment services each year following the annual refresher course
  5. All to be in Orange field Dress for movement and reporting to training centres
  6. Those from nearby, are requested to arrange drop-off and pick-up services on your own.

Essential items required


  1. Warm blanket
  2. Pillows and bedsheets. (Mattresses will be provided at Centers)

 All must carry a portable (comfortable) mattress for attachment.


  1.  One pair of comfortable sports sneakers (for PT).
  2. A few sets of t-shirts (preferred de-suung t-shirt)
  3. A few sets of sports shorts (white or black)
  4. A few pairs of casual tracksuits (preferably dark colored) for both male and female (No tight leggings for female).
  5. Sufficient numbers of vests and inner wears.
  6. At least one pair of extra ankle-high military boots with laces (black colour).
    Note: One pair of boot will be issued. 
  7. Sufficient pairs of half socks

Personal items

  1. One set of plate, spoon, fork, cup, mug, tiffin and water bottle.
  2. Spectacles, contact lenses & solutions, hygiene items and other essentials that maybe required during the training period for your own personal comforts and medication.
  3. Toiletries (toothbrushes, face/hand cream, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, detergent and shaving kits and other necessities).
  4. Personal hand sanitizers and face masks.
  5. Unless prescribed by your medical doctor, do not bring any medicines as there is medical doctor in each training centre.
  6. Do not bring any snacks or food items to the training centre.
  7. Sewing kits.
  8. Note pad and pen

Instruction for Male candidates:

  1. Crew cut hair style (0 cut).
  2. Clean shaven face.

Instruction for Female candidates:

  1. Dye your hair black if you have it coloured.
  2. Nails cut neat and nail polish removed
  3. Two or more black coloured hair nets

*Please note that the selected list for SRPF training centre will be announced on 10th May 2021.

Should there be any queries, please call +975 2332575 (fixed line) or +975 77103898 (mobile)