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De-suung Headquarters, Metog Lam, Thimphu

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General National Service Water Project

Selected De-suups for Team ALPHA I and Team ALPHA II

De-suung head office is pleased to announce the names of the selected De-suups who had registered for the TEAM ALPHA I and TEAM ALPHA II. The selection is based on the announcement done on De-suung App.

TEAM ALPHA I will be deployed in the Northern region to undertake Water projects while TEAM ALPHA II will be deployed in the South.

List of selected De-suups for TEAM ALPHA IB

List of selected De-suups for TEAM ALPHA IIA

List of selected De-suups for TEAM ALPHA IIB

List of selected De-suups for TEAM ALPHA IIC

Project site:
Dhangdhung Water Project, Trongsa
Duration: 11 days (15th Dec to 26th Dec 2020)

Registered LocationReport toContact PersonDeparture Point
Paro, Chhukha, Thimphu, DaganaThimphu (14thDec)Kezang Choden      77371187 Khandu Wangmo   77345099De-suung club House. 15th De 2020 7.30 AM
Wangdiphodrang,       PunakhaWangdiphodrangKezang Choden      77371187 Khandu Wangmo   77345099MTC ENTRY GATE 15th Dec 2020 11.00 AM
ZhemgangZhemgangJambay Ugyen     17610599Z/gang Dzong Parking 15th Dec 2020 8.00 AM
Drop at Dhangdhung  junction. Trongsa
BumthangBumthangMindu      17670830Taxi parking
15th Dec 2020      
8.00 AM
Drop at Thruepang parking Trongsa
TrongsaTrongsaKezang Choden      77371187 Khandu Wangmo   77345099Thruepang parking
15th Dec 2020

TEAM ALPHA II (SOUTH): Detailed information will be announced duly.

List of essential things to carry

For further details contact: 77371187, 77345099, 77814600, or toll free number 1411