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– His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo



De-suung Headquarters, Metog Lam, Thimphu

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Press Release (27 April 2020)

The De-suung office would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all who have applied for the 39th batch Accelerated De-suung training program. The overwhelming interest and response during this unprecedented time has led to the decision to plan two additional (40th and 41st) Accelerated De-suung training programs, so that all eligible applicants will be given an opportunity to participate in the near future.

While the selection list for the 39th batch De-suung training program has been finalized, the remaining applications will be used to select eligible participants for the 40th and 41st batches. This will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis, using the time-stamp of the registrations.


Applicants who have not submitted the correct documents will be contacted and given an opportunity to do so. The time stamp for these applicants will be when the correct documents are submitted. If you are not contacted, your application is complete and will be reviewed for one of the upcoming training programs.

The application requirements have been reduced to ensure that as many interested candidates will have the opportunity to become a De-suup. The following are the criteria requirements for the 40th and 41st accelerated De-suung training:

  1. Minimum Age: 20 years
  2. Minimum Qualification: Class X passed
  3. Documents required: CID, Security Clearance and NOC
  4. If quarantined: adequate number of days from the end of quarantine as specified by the Ministry of Health, to ensure complete safety of other trainees.

Medical certificates are not required, and training placements will be made at the discretion of the De-suung Office, based on logistical efficiencies. There will also be no limit on the number of women participants for the trainings. While students may be selected for the program, adjustments may have to be made later, based on the Government’s decision on the re-opening of schools.

As we continue to closely monitor the evolving situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the De-suung Office may announce further accelerated training programs, should the need arise. Therefore, all interested candidates who were unable to register for the current programs will have an opportunity to apply for upcoming trainings.


The date and the list of selected participants for the 40th De-suung training program will be announced after the deployment of the 39th batch trainees to their respective training centres. We thank you for coming forward to serve the Nation as a De-suup in this critical period, and look forward to welcoming all of you to our training centres.