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– His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo



De-suung Headquarters, Metog Lam, Thimphu

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DSP Trainer Profile

Growing up in the rugged mountain valleys of Haa drinking rich yak butter Suja, De-suup Singye Wangchuk, never imagined he would one day reach the deserts of Kuwait and become a coffee connoisseur.
At 30 years of age, Singye worked at Starbucks in Kuwait City and rose through the ranks of the international coffee chain. From seeing coffee beans for the first time, to learning to identify the distinct roast of coffee beans to becoming a certified Barista Trainer and a Coffee Master, he says hard work and perseverance has paid off.
Singye returned home in 2019 and worked in a local hotel in Paro. With the onset of the pandemic and closure of the hotel, he signed up to attend the De-suung Training Program. As a De-suup, he volunteered in the De-suung National Service Water Project and border duty.
When the De-suung Skilling Program noticed that there was immense interest among the De-suups to learn Barista Skills, Singye was invited to become a trainer. Along with the trainer Chef Kalel, Singye helped to set up the DSP Café at the De-suung Club House.
Today, the DSP Café serves as a Barista training center as well as undertakes commercial operations to serve hot and cold beverages as well as pastries.
As Singye trains the third batch, he looks back with satisfaction as some of the trainees from the previous batches have established cafés in Paro and Thimphu and others look to set up businesses in Mongar and Phuntsholing.
Singye says “it has been a very rewarding experience working as a Barista instructor at the DSP Café. Many of us have been recipients of His Majesty’s Kidu after the loss of regular employment due to the pandemic. We were all supported by this wonderful initiative even as we underwent training. Therefore, to be able to contribute to this project in a proactive and productive way has filled me with pride, contentment and a real sense of purpose. We are grateful to our King and the vision laid out in the Desuup Skilling Programme. As a participant of this project, both as a student and an instructor, Desuups have discovered a trove of opportunities and a way towards self-sufficiency as we participate in the task of rebuilding our economy”.
All are invited to visit the DSP Café on weekends and public holidays and encourage our DSP trainees. Tashi Delek Desuup Singye Wangchuk and keep up the great work!