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De-suung to train Bhutanese youth in Hydropower Development Sector

De-suung signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Druk Hydro Energy Limited (DHyE) on 31st August 2022, to engage De-suups for the construction of headworks complex of the 32MW Yungichu Hydropower Project in Maedtsho, Lhuentse.

Druk Hydro Energy Limited is a subsidiary company of the Druk Green Power Corporation. The pioneer project engaging De-suups will be implemented as a part of De-suung National Service Project.

The hydropower project is entirely undertaken by Bhutanese contractors. It is to be fully automated and will use state-of-the-art technology. De-suups engaged will work on the headwork complex, with technical support from DHyE. The headworks complex, which is expected to be completed in 763 days, includes intake structure, de-silter and silt flushing channel, weir and temporary diversion work. At the peak construction stage, 80 De-suups are expected to be deployed for the project.

With this project, De-suung expects to impart on-the-job training and skills specific to the hydropower construction sector, with the hope that such an experience will enrich De-suups and open up opportunities and careers for them in this sector.

This is a historic milestone for De-suung in its endeavour to enhance the capabilities of our youth through such programs in line with His Majesty’s vision of prosperity for our people and country.