The ultimate objective of nation building is peace and harmony for Bhutan and her people

His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo

De-suung Training Program

Objective of the training 

  • Values based personal development
  • Encouraging citizenry to be active in the greater role of nation building
  • Provide useful and appropriate skills and knowledge in the field of disaster management
  • Instill a greater sense of community, harmony and co-operation as a group and individual members of the society
  • Enhance the spirit of volunteerism

Training Format

  • Lectures : Conceptual and structural Understanding
  • Panel Discussions and Seminars : Critical and Comparative Understanding
  • Practical Lessons : Experiential and re-inforced learning
  • Physical Program : Mental and Physical well being
  • The essence :  Intellectual Intensity and Physical rigour

Other Programme

  1. Theoretical Lectures on Topical Issues
  2. Practical demonstration
  3. Interactive and Panel Discussions
  4. Trainee Learning
  5. Recreational Learning

Main Training Programes

Course % Allocation
1. National Goals and Vision 5
2. Military Course 30
3. Disaster Management Courses & Disaster Case Studies 20
4. Environmental and Development Courses 10
5.Para Medic and First Aid Courses
6. Team Building and Management Courses 5
7. Drill and Physical Education 20
8. Field and Survival Courses 10

News & Announcements

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