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General National Service Water Project

TEAM ALPHA IA leaves for Mongar to construct field camps for the upcoming Mongar Kalapang Water project

Inspired by His Majesty The King’s address to the nation on 12th September 2020, the De-suung Office was honored to play a small role in answering the call of the nation by launching the Specialized De-suung Training Program. The specialized training for the 42nd and 43rd Batch focused on water resource management in line with the Water Flagship Program of the 12th Five Year Plan.

In November 2020, two water pilot projects were successfully launched in Guma, Punakha and Semjong, Tsirang in preparation for deployment of De-suups for the National Service in various projects. In partnership with the Water Flagship Program of the RGOB, three more projects will be launched in December in Mongar, Trongsa and Chukha.

His Majesty the King commended the extraordinary spirit of volunteerism of the De-suups and commanded to ensure high standards of occupational health and safety and to mechanize and use technology wherever possible. Further command was granted to ensure that the living conditions of the De-suups in the De-suung Field Camps are clean, comfortable and dignified.

In view of the above concerns at the highest levels, De-suung Office has developed Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines, COVID 19 protocols and other SOPs for smooth deployment operations. Professional designs have been made for field camps to ensure that the De-suups receive good care as they render valuable national service.

In order to realize the Royal Command, the De-suung has raised a small volunteer corps as advance logistic team also known as TEAM ALPHA. The main role of Team Alpha is for advance preparation of logistics for the field camps. The team has demonstrated great innovation, skill and agility as evident in the exceptional job done in Punakha and Tsirang Field Camps.

For the launch of Water Flagship Program of RGOB, A group of 54 De-suups of the TEAM ALPHA NORTH left for Mongar today on 6th December 2020 to construct field camps for the upcoming Mongar Kalapang Water project. The project is expected to be launched on 17th December 2020.