Online Procedure to purchase De-suung Uniform

Due to high demand and limited stock of the uniform sets, the sale of uniforms has been kept online to give opportunities to as many De-suups as possible across the county. The placement of orders will be on first-come, first-served basis. This will give an equal opportunity for all in a fair and transparent manner.

The Desuung Office has opened a joint savings account with Bhutan Development Bank since it has branches spread out across all 205 Gewogs. Which will make the transactions for De-suups in Dzongkhags/gewogs convenient.

Conditions for Purchase

  1. De-suup Tshongkhang is for De-suups only.
  2. Orders will be accepted only through De-suup Tshongkhang website.
  3. For fair distribution of the limited items on sale, a De-Suup is eligible to purchase only one (1) quantity/set of each item until torn or worn out.
  4. In case of uniforms being worn out/torn beyond repair, a De-suup can avail new set after inspection by the De-suung Office.
  5. De-suups may be allowed to buy the whole set (8 items) or purchase item wise.
  6. Please do not order in favour of another De-Suup using your account.

Procedure to Place Order Online

  1. On the homepage of  Desuup Tshongkhang (this site), whole list of items is displayed. You may select the items you want to buy and “add to cart”
  2. On the “Cart” page, you will see the list of items you have added. Go to “Home” and select if you want to add more items.
  3. You are required to create an account to make purchase. Account creation can be done prior to purchase or when you check out.
  4. You must pay within one week of placing your order failing which your order will be cancelled.

Payment Procedure

Please pay within one week of placing your order. Failing to do so will result in cancellation of your order.

  1. Before you make deposit, make sure the amount you have to pay is correct. Check your “Orders” in “My Accounts” page. Contact us if you are in doubt.
  2. De-suup may deposit the money for the items purchased to De-suung bank account maintained with Bhutan Development Bank Ltd. (Acc. No. : 000110161186, Acc. Name: De-Suung Fund)
  3. The deposit slip should be submitted to the office in person or should be scanned and sent via email to the Desuung Office( with name and Desuung ID number).
  4. The De-suung Office, after receiving the deposit slip and after verification of the payment, will then intimate the De-suup to collect their order.