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His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo

Services and Facilities

The management of the De-suung office will provide the following services and facilities during the training period held at Tencholing, Wangduephodrang.

1. Accommodation
The accommodation for the Trainees/De-suups will be provided in a separately built barracks for both men and women at Tencholing Military Training Center. During the period of the training program you will be provided with the following items for your comfort:

  • Single bed with pillow and blankets
  • Extra bed sheet, pillow cover and blanket
  • One bucket with water jug
  • Shoe polish and shoe brush
  • Common dressing mirror
  • Hot and cold water shower facilities
    N.B – Please bring his/her own towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing soap, shampoo/hair conditioner and detergent for washing clothes.

2. Medical Facilities
During the training program the following medical facilities will be provided:

  • Army Hospital (Doctors on station/standby)
  • Access to other necessary medical facilities
  • Ambulance

3. Recreational Facilities
Recreational facilities such as the following will be provided for leisure time during the stay

  • Computer with internet and printing facilities
  • Cable TV and Movie Screening
  • Pool and Snooker Table
  • Coffee and Tea Vending Machines
  • Drinks Refrigerator
  • Board games (Carom board, Chess and Chinese checkers)

4. Sports Facilities

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Throwball

5. Uniform
The following set of uniform will be provided:

  • One set of formal uniform (Collar Shirt, Trouser, Belt and Grey Beret cap )
  • 2 Sets of dungarees with cap (Orange Color)
  • 1 Pair of Army Boots
  • 2 White shorts and 2 white shirts (for Physical Training purposes)
  • 2 pairs if PT socks (white) and 2 pairs of Army Socks
  • 1 no colour T shirt with De-suung logo
    (N.B – Candidates  to bring their own choice of sneakers for the physical training exercise)

6. Dining

All the candidates will be dinning in the mess near the barracks and will be provided with Plates, Mugs, Cups, Glasses, Spoons and Other Essential items.