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Desuung General National Service

Selection Result for Million Fruit Tree Plantation Project

De-suung headquarters is pleased to announce the list of the selected De-suups who registered for the Million Fruit Tree Plantation project. The names are classified based on the Dzongkhag of deployment.

List of selected De-suups for the Million Fruit Tree Plantation project


  1. We will not accept any cancellations or change in deployment place.
  2. De-suups deployed in the same Dzongkhag may contact respective Dzongkhag Coordinators (DC)for the logistic arrangement.
  3. Zhabtok Pin will be awarded to those who completes two months service.
  4. All fooding and logistics will be arranged by the concerned Dzongkhags.
  5. Those deployed to other Dzongkhags (in big groups) from Thimphu or your place of location, transportations will be arranged from Dzongkhag HQ or De-suung HQ.
  6. De-suups deployed in their own Dzongkhags will have to report to the concerned DC on 12th March 2022.
  7. Those deployed beyond Thimphu will be notified on 12th March 2022.


  1. Beddings- carry enough to keep yourself warm at night.
  2. Plates and mugs
  3. Toiletries
  4. De-suung uniform and other attires.
  5. Rain shoe /rain coats.

Additional name lists will be released in second cohort.