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His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo

Information for the selected candidates of 39th batch Accelerated De-suung Integrated Training Program- 4th May to 23rd May, 2020

Essential items to bring for the training.


  1. Sleeping mattress (thin and comfortable to carry)
  2. Blankets, pillows and bet sheets


  1. At least one set of Gho/Kira and Kabney/Rachu and accessories
  2. 2 or more numbers sneakers (for running, basketball, volleyball, 5 km run and PT)
  3. 2 or more numbers t-shirts and sports shorts (t-shirts – preferably white, red, green, blue and yellow based on your platoon)
  4. Rain coats and umbrellas
  5. 1 set of casual jacket and pants for your closing social night
  6. 2 or more pairs of casual tracksuits (preferably dark colored)
  7. Sufficient numbers of vests and inner wears
  8. 2 or more pairs of tights (dark colored) especially for ladies


  1. A pair of formal shoes
  2. Bathroom slippers
  3. Ankle high black boots with lace (any black military type boots)
  4. football boots (if you are interested in playing football)
  5. Sufficient pairs of half socks

Personal items

  1. 1 of each plate, cup, mug, tiffin and water bottle
  2. Spectacles, contact lenses & solutions, other personal medicines, hygiene items and other essentials that maybe required during the training period for your own personal comfort and medication
  3. Mosquito nets and mosquito repellents (those placed in the south and warm places)
  4. Toiletries (toothbrushes, face/hand cream, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, detergent)
  5. Yoga mats for physical training
  6. 3 metres nylon ropes (6 mm diameter)
  7. Hair nets (for women) in black or dark blue colour
  8. A sewing kit


Instructions to be followed and adhered for men

  1. Clean shaven face
  2. Crew hair style (0 cut)

Instructions to be strictly followed by all

  1. You will undergo the Rapid Testing for COVID 19 at the training Centre. If suspected will be dealt with due process of MoH.
  2. All ask to carry bring along personal hand sanitizers and enough face masks
  3. All to report to the respective training centres in Gho/Kira (time of move and other details will be announced soon)
  4. All information regarding training will disseminated through your personal email and on De-suung Facebook page
  5. All those who have premedical conditions are to declare honestly before training commences to the office of De-suung.
  6. Random blood sampling will be taken at the Training Centres; and if found unfit, you will be declared disqualified for training.
  7. (For women) If you are pregnant, you will need to inform the office of De-suung and withdraw your candidature before the training commences.
  8. Substance abuse is grave matter and if you are caught during the training, toy will withdrawn from the training and handed over to the Authorities.
  9. Doma, tobaccos and alcohol are not allowed in the training campus. A thorough frisking will be done at the training centres.
  10. No request will be entertained for relocating to other training centres once it has been announced.
  11. No personal cars will be allowed at the training centres. if need be, personal pick up and drop off is recommended especially for those residing close to the training centres.
  12. Jewelries, laptops and other expensive items are not encouraged to be brought to the training centres.

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