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Asst. Network Administrator Aptitude Test


Read the following instructions carefully and respond accordingly:

  • Please keep this page open for the countdown to end.
  • You will be asked to insert your CID number and password as soon as the countdown ends on this page.
  • Please select your date of birth as a password carefully.
  • You will be able to appear only once for the mock test. Make sure that you enter the correct CID number and DOB as a password before you start with the MCQ.
  • If you happen to enter the wrong DOB, it will result in the rejection of your test result.
  • The test will open from 06:00 p.m. until 06:45 p.m.
  • This test is scheduled for 45 minutes, and the answers must be submitted within the time limit mentioned. Otherwise, your answers won’t be recorded and will be treated as Null.(Note: Please complete all the MCQs to at least score a few points for the right answers.)
  • It is comprised of two parts (MCQs):
  • Part I-General
    • This part consists of a general question.
    • There will be 10 questions in this part.
    • You will score 0.5 points for every right answer to the question.
    • Weightage for Part I is 5 points (0.5 *10).
  • Part II: Course-related
    • This question is basically to assess how well you have learned about the basics of networking.
    • It will also be in the form of MCQs, but unlike Part 1, you will score 1 point for every right answer you submit. Which means your answers are either right or wrong.
    • There will be 30 questions in this part.
    • You will score 1 point for every right answer to the question.
    • The weightage for Part II is 30 points (1*30).
  • Total Weightage = 35(5+30)
  • For this final test, your total score will be announced in the Whatsapp group.
  • After choosing the answer for the last question (Question No. 30), your answers will be submitted automatically.
  • The top rank will be called for packet tracer practical test after the test result has been declared.

All the best!